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The Hershey Area Art Association (HAAA) announces new art classes throughout the year.  Most are held at the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society and some are held at the Instructors location but supported by HAAA.  Check this page for any updates.

The Hershey Derry Township Historical Society at 40 Northeast Drive, Hershey, PA, 17033, across from the rear entrance of the Hershey Outlet Mall is home base for many HAAA classes. See map on home page.   Ample parking is available. 

Information and directions for HAAA sponsored classes taking place at other locations will be provided in the class description.

To register for classes and workshops, download the Registration Form, accessed by the Registration Form button at the right.  Print and complete the form.  Mail payment along with the registration form.

Students under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Paint Togethers

Painting is a solitary activity and sometimes we need the companionship of other artists. Join HAAA members for a Monday afternoon of painting with a group of friendly artists who enjoy creative camaraderie, without formal instruction.  

Our Winter sessions will begin Monday January 15th and continue for four-four week sessions ending on April 30, 2018   

We meet on Mondays, from 12:30 - 3:30 pm in the lower level of the Hershey Derry Township Historical Society.   You may bring the medium of your choice.    To cover the room rental the cost is $20 for each four week session for HAAA members;  $30 for non-members.   
Session #1    1/15 to 2/5/2018
Session #2    2/12 to 3/5/2018
Session #3    3/12 to 4/2/2018
  Session #4    4/9 to 4/30/2018  

For further information, you may contact Kathy Smeltzer [email protected].   Send your registration and a check, made out to HAAA, to Hershey Area Art Association,  P. O. Box 654, Hershey, PA  17033.

Three Day Watercolor Workshop

Glenn Blue: Watercolor Secrets you WILL Learn

April 18 to 20, 2018

9AM to 3PM

This watercolor workshop is for all levels of watercolorists who paint landscapes and cityscapes.  However, workshop attendees should have a fundamental understanding of watercolor paper, paint and brushes.

Glenn will not attempt to have you complete a full painting during class.  Instead, he will demonstrate many tricks of the trade and then guide you through your own attempts to achieve a sky, fog, trees, wet streets, light, snow, figures and atmosphere.  You will learn various washes as you move through a range of exercises.

Students work on several pieces of paper, having fun trying new ideas or brushing up on ones you already know.  The workshop will help you improve choice of materials and design techniques.  Glenn will not hesitate to share the secrets and tricks he has learned from years of classroom and individual instruction.  Previous students have raved about how much they learn in his class.

NOTE - This class will be held in the Community Room at the SpringHill Suites 115 Museum Drive  Hershey PA 17033  (Adjacent to the Antique Car Museum on Route 39)

Cost of the class is $160 for HAAA members and $170 for non-members.  

Please mail a completed registration form (Link at the top of this page) along with your check payable to Hershey Area Art Association  PO Box 654 Hershey  PA 17033 

Click here for a supply list.  Directions on the map on the right.

***2018 CLASS SCHEDULE*** 


Friday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30

Session #1 - Jan 12 to March 2

Session #2 - March 23 to May 11

Session #3 - June 1 to July 20

Have questions about painting technique? Color theory? Perspective? Drawing the human figure? This flexile class is customized each week to match the needs and experience of the students.  John gives a brief lesson or demonstration at the beginning of each session, then addresses each student's individual painting issues.  Student's interest guide the topics of discussion.

Some drawing skills are helpful.  Students must provide their own subject matter.  Your personal sketches or photos are encouraged.  Each student works at his/her own pace and receives individual instruction as needed.  More advanced artists use this time as a "Master's Class" to finish paintings or take advantage of John's extensive art experience and his constructive suggestions.

Class fee for each session is $150 for HAAA members and $160 for non members.  Please mail a completed registration form (Link at the top of this page) along with your check payable to Hershey Area Art Association  PO Box 654 Hershey  PA 17033 

*** 2018 Class Schedule ***

Realistic Oil Painting with Paulette Flemmens

Wednesday Afternoons from 12:30 to 3:30

Session #1 - 8 weeks  Feb 7 to March 28

Session #2 - 8 weeks  April 4 to May 23

Session #3 - 7 weeks  June 6 to July 25 (no class 7/4)

Paulette continues to teach beginner through advanced students in the tradition of the Old Master Atelier.  Learn to paint in a Dimensional Realistic Style using Maroger medium and oils.  On day one of each session you will use charcoal to draw a simple still life composition.  In the following classes you will complete an 11x14 still-life painting on a Masonite panel.  Students who complete the still-life may then choose any subject for their next painting.

Students will receive individual instruction from Paulette, who is an experienced art instructor who has received acclaim for her dimensional realistic style.

Class fee for Sessions #1 and #2 is $160 for HAAA members and $170 for non members.  The fee for Session #3 is $140 for HAAA members and $150 for non members  Please mail a completed registration form (link at the top of this page) along with your check payable to the Hershey Area Art Association  PO Box 654 Hershey PA  17033. 


A Drawing Workout for Painters with John McNulty

Tuesday Afternoons from 1PM to 3PM

 March 6 to April 10, 2018

Not interested in making finished drawings?  This "workout" will focus on drawing techniques and principles that strengthen your painting skills.  Train your eye to draw what you see. Learn to capture the energy of a fleeting gesture, to think like a camera, to work with shapes and masses.  We'll cover contour drawing, chiaroscuro, and the basics of perspective.  We'll also look at some painting procedures that save time and energy.  Instructor demonstrations, in-class exercises and constructive critique.

For beginner to intermediate artists, or anyone who wants a refresher.  Painters of any medium: oil, acrylic or watercolor will find this class fundamental to their art.

Class fee is $110 for HAAA members and $120 for non-members.  Please mail a completed registration form (Link at the top of this page) along with your check payable to Hershey Area Art Association  PO Box 654  Hershey  PA  17033.

Click here for a supply list.

Fundamentals of Drawing with Paul Gallo

Wednesday afternoons 1PM to 4PM starting August 8 to September 12, 2018

Learn to draw with an easy to understand method.  Paul welcomes beginners and experienced artists to learn or review all aspects of drawing fundamentals.  

You will learn:

- How to draw accurately using simple measurements and comparison

- Importance of value, shadows, highlights and push-pull technique

- Elements of drawing such as line, line quality, line contour, and cross contour lines

- Perspective and foreshortening

- Drawing from still life and photos

- Composition and how to lead the viewer through the picture with directional line, size          contrast, and position hierarchy

- Hatching, crosshatching, blending, rendering, random lines, stippling and scratchboard

Paul's previous students say they appreciate learning from an instructor who brings his years of drawing experience and shares it patiently with his students.

Please bring a drawing pencil, 11" x 14" drawing tablet and kneaded eraser to the first class.

Class will be held Derry Township Historical Society Community room.

Cost of the class is $80 for HAAA members and $90 for non members.  Please mail a completed registration form (Link at the top of this page) along with your check payable to Hershey Area Art Association  PO Box 654  Hershey PA  17033.

Watercolor Workshop with Lynne Yancha

July 18 to 20, 2018 starting - 10AM ending - 4PM

at SpringHill Suites Hershey

The watercolor workshop will be held in the conference room at Spring Hill Suites

at 115 Museum Drive, Hershey PA.

(Adjacent to the Antique Car Museum on Route 39)

Lynne is an acclaimed watercolor artist and an inspirational instructor with 50 years of art experience.  Her specialties are people and animals which she captures with carefree discipline.  She will explain the tension of opposites - a necessary concept - perfection vs. carefree, discipline vs. play, the ability that we all have, to traverse between the two.

Download the Supply List

Cost is $135 for HAAA Members and $145 for non-members.

Please send check payable to the Hershey Area Art Association and a completed registration form to:

Hershey Area Art Association  PO Box 654  Hershey  PA 17033

Link to registration form at top of this page.

What are Adjunct Art Classes?  

When Instructors have their own art studios, or use a medium that requires special tools or space, Hershey Area Art Association acts as a sponsor to support their classes through our website, advertisers and meetings.  

These classes are NOT held at the Hershey Derry Township Historical Society but at the Instructor location.  Class descriptions include directions to location of class.

If you are interested in a specific Adjunct Class, please let us know!

Click on the "Questions" link above.