Hershey Area Art Association

Promoting, encouraging and perpetuating the fine arts and fine arts education in the region

Since 1995.

News bites from past AHA.....ART! newsletters.
Members can see where we've been and where the future is taking us ~ enjoy!
October 22, 2002 newsletter reported the 100 member mark for HAAA.
The goal at that time,
and can be even now,
was for each member

 to invite two friends to a meeting.
This artist’s tip appeared in the
January 3, 2003 HAAA newsletter:
When draping black felt on display panels,
discovered a snappy way to secure the fabric around the bottom pipe.
Use a length of charcoal gray pipe insulation. ITS stiff but flexible foam has a lengthwise split to easily squeeze over the pipe.

In the August 20, 2003 newsletter,
President Betsy Stutzman’s column reminded members of the goals set by the HAAA founders.

The purposes were to come up with a way for local artists to get together, exchange ideas, enjoy the fellowship of likeminded persons, and to promote the fine arts. 

Betsy signed her column with
“Look at me; I’m... Still smiling, Betsy”

Remark made in the August 25, 2000 newsletter by Etta Schreiner regarding security of artwork on display, 

“You know you’ve arrived when you’ve had one of your paintings stolen."

The HAAA Christmas party in 1999 was held in the Pinehurst Inn Bed and Breakfast, formerly one of the farmhouses for Milton Hershey School children. The homey location provided a very roomy place to celebrate the holidays with singing, good food, and fellowship.

The AHA Art newsletter of Oct.22, 2002 announced
that the next Monday meeting would start off with a celebration to congratulate the group on reaching 100 members!

 The First

The first 
Hershey Library Art Show 
took place
April 1996.

The Library Art Show is the longest running art show for HAAA.

Cartoon Artist Among Us!

A Long time member is hiding his talent as a cartoon artist.

With the Holiday Party soon upon us, this Blast From the Past article found in the January 2004 Aha....Art! newsletter is appropriate to post.

Check out the cartoon below.

Maybe the artist will create another cartoon after the 2014 Holiday Party.


JULY, 1996

Membership entries for design of the HAAA logo were requested:

Bring to the meeting, your submissions for a Hershey Area Art Association logo.  A contest for members - prize is a one-year membership.


Logo contest for Hershey Area Art Association took three or four ballots before a clear winner emerged.  

The winning design is by BOB NISLEY.  Isn't it grand!

Above is Audrey Mann designing HAAA's flag.

December 6, 1995
First Aha... Art! newsletter heading
Editor:  Karen Sheipline

November 30, 1996

New Aha...Art! newsletter heading after HAAA logo was adopted.
Editor:  Karen Sheipline