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HAAA Hats For Hope

Hats for Hope
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  will be
September 26, 2017!

"Welcome Spring"

HAAA Hats for Hope Dinner

HAAA's most recent "Hats for Hope" event took place on March 29.  The patients and care-givers at Hope Lodge enjoyed a delicious meal, with a "Spring into Spring" theme. Our talented HAAA cooks prepared appetizers, including fruit kabobs, olive cheddar balls, and deviled eggs.  The entrees were several chicken pasta casseroles, served with salads and bread. Desserts consisted of a scrumptious combination of chocolate coconut bars, lemon bars and pound cake with fresh fruit and cream. 

Thanks to the cooks and contributors:

Agnes Handwerk                              Sherry Weiser                              Ev Schnader                               Mary Lott

Emme Daley                                      Maria Gronlund                            Jeanne Shayter                         Gloria Michaliga

Chris Slates                                       Sandy Boltz                                   Jennifer Morrison

The residents also enjoyed selecting the hats painted and knitted by HAAA members. They were so grateful for the effort everyone extended to make this a memorable evening. 

Thank you to everyone for all of the help and culinary/grilling/hat-painting skills!
The Flag Day Barbecue was a great success, and everyone was so grateful for HAAA's efforts. 
The food was all delicious and the residents enjoyed everything.

Stay tuned for future event.

Thank you to all the HAAA members that participated  in the 

HAAA Hats for Hope

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The largest crowd ever attended...

30 people (counting all HAAA members!), 

Everyone had a wonderful meal.  

The patients and caregivers could not have been more appreciative!

Generous HAAA members make these events possible!

The hats were snatched up with such pleasure!  

More hats will be needed for the next event.

Thank you for all donated hats.

Thank you to everyone!

     Delicious food served!

HAAA Hats for Hope  event took place on 
Tuesday, July 14, 2015.

The menu theme for the picnic was 

"The Dog Days of Summer."

It was a perfect picnic enjoyed by the residents of 
Hope Lodge.

Kudoos to everyone that volunteered.

Susan Kelly-Dreiss, Wendy Craig, Chris Slates, Marcia Leister, Deb Reitbauer, Maria Gronlund, Ellen Gewen, Cathy Henry, Carol Black, Jon Black, Ev Schnader, Jim Schnader, and Larry Sheipline.

Thank you to Emme Daley for organizing the event
and the members that painted hats for the residents.

Stay tuned for future event dates coming in the fall of 2015.

If you would like to volunteer for future events, 
email Emme Daley at [email protected]
For information about painting hats, 
email Wendy Craig at [email protected]

                                                                                                                     March 24, 2015

Dear fellow Hats for Hope cooks,                                                                   

Once again, a million thanks for your incredibly delicious recipes.  I thought tonight's meal was a true success.  Everyone loved each and every dish...from Ev's appetizers to Maria's strawberry pretzel dessert...with Carol and Roger's great chicken casseroles (both yummy enough for several people to ask for the recipes!), accompanied by Wendy's so tasty carrots, Bev's cheesy bread, and Chris' beautiful salad.  It was a triumph, really.

A special thanks to those of you who stayed and worked so hard to set up, clean up, scrub dishes, organize leftovers and generally make all the work seem so effortless.  You are all truly an amazing group of people!  Extra special thanks to the three men who pitched in to help...Mick, Jon and Larry.  What great guys!


One really nice part of the evening was how the patients and their care givers had a ball  selecting hats. They enjoyed trying them on and selecting a favorite.  It was such fun to witness.  Everyone was so very grateful for both the meal and the hats.

We'll do it all again some time this summer (the May 14 date has been cancelled).  In the meantime, thank you again...so, so much!


PS Thanks also to Marcia Leister for coming in last minute to help...and staying to the very end! 


Hats for Hope -  March 18, 2014

HAAA Hats for Hope met for a second time at Hope Lodge in Hershey on March 18.  An array of creative hats, painted by HAAA artists, was presented to the residents and their caretakers.  The hats brought much joy and laughter as the patients tried on the creations, commenting on them and selecting their favorites.  We then served a Mexican dinner to about twenty people, prepared lovingly by HAAA members:  bean dip appetizer (Susan Kelly-Dreiss), a corn and bean salad (Tami Bitner), Mexican baked spaghetti (Carol Black and Ev Schnader), a selection of bread and rolls (Ellen Gewen), Mexican Sopapilla cheesecake (Emme Daley) and caramel flan and Mexican cookies (Maria Gronlund). HAAA members Mick Daley and Jim Schnader also helped with the event.   Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal and were so very grateful.  The experience was wonderful for the HAAA participants as well!
The next HAAA Hats for Hope dinner is planned for May 28.  We expect to do a cookout, so if potato salad is your "thing", be sure to volunteer.  Look for the entire menu and sign up sheet on our website soon.  

If you know now that you would like to participate in the dinner part of the event on May 28, email Emme Daley at [email protected]  Thanks to all who helped.

Hats for Hope - October 15, 2014

The first HAAA Hats for Hope event took place on October 15 at the Hope Lodge located at 125 Lucy Ave., Hummelstown.    Residents of Hope Lodge chose hats that were painted by HAAA members and enjoyed a meal that was prepared and served by HAAA  members Emme Daley, Carol Black, Cathy Griffith, Theresa Montesano, Jim Schnader and Ev Schnader.

The next HAAA Hats for Hope event will take place on March 18, 2014.  Volunteers will be needed to help prepare and serve the meal.