Hershey Area Art Association

Promoting, encouraging and perpetuating the fine arts and fine arts education in the region

Since 1995.


"Ham and Potato Soup"

IT is time to vote for the
2017 Soup can label to represent
at the 2017 Hershey Partnership 

Deadline to submit label for consideration for the2017soupcanlabel:  June30,2017

Details below

Above, the 2016 Soup Can Label
designed by HAAA member
Jean Collins-Shayter 
to represent the soup entry
"Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Soup"

Details to submit a proposal for Illustration for

HAAA’s Soup Can Label

2017 Hershey Partnership Soup Cook-off

Cook–off: Saturday, October 14, 2017

Location: Hershey Volunteer Fire Co., 21 W. Caracas Ave, Hershey, PA

Benefit: Hershey Volunteer Fire Co.


HAAA members in good standing may submit a proposed illustration for the Label.


Label template(template is to scale) is found on this website on a link below and should be used for the dimensions to complete proposed illustration. Small illustration can be submitted (8 1/2" X 11"). Or if you choose, you may do life size, photograph illustration and submit image on 8 1/2" X 11" paper.

Submit proposal by email, [email protected], or US mail to HAAA, PO Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033.


Deadline for submission of proposed illustration must be received by June 30, 2017, midnight.

Artists names are not to be visible when the voting takes place. When the final illustration for the label is complete, the artist may sign that artwork.


All entries that are submitted and qualify, will be eligible for voting.

A submission is qualified if all requested content(see below) is included on the illustration. Qualified illustrations will be posted on HAAA website and voting will take place on website. One vote per member in good standing. Voting will take place from 12:01 am, July 2, 2017, to 11:59 pm, July 9, 2017.


Winner will be notified no later than July 12, 2017.

Label illustration must be completed and printed by August , 2017. Completed soup can with label will be on display at the September 12, 2017, HAAA meeting.


After the illustration is complete, it will be wrapped and attached to the can. The artist should try to keep the main part of the illustration in the Field of Vision area(see template for definition) to be prominent. Illustration may extend beyond that area but viewer will not get a full view without moving.

Requested Content: (items in quotes are to be used exactly as worded)

1. HAAA Logo

2. “Hershey Area Art Association” (prominent size - 2 to 3 inches in height or larger)

3. “Promote, Encourage and Perpetuate the Fine Arts and Fine Arts Education in the Region”

4. “Est. 1995”

5.  "Ham and Potato"(prominent size - 2 to 3 inches in height)

6. “Ingredients: Ham, Potatoes, Chicken Broth, Celery, Onion, Butter, Flour, Milk, Parsley, Salt, Pepper"(less prominent and outside the Field of Vision area - off to one side)