Hershey Area Art Association

Promoting, encouraging and perpetuating the fine arts and fine arts education in the region

Since 1995.


Our premier show is coming up - the Annual Members Show which will be displayed in the Hershey Library Gallery Hallway. Intake for the show is March 17, with a reception on Sunday, the 18th from       1 - 3 PM. Registration is in progress, and we are excited to see all the original, never before displayed works of art. All the details can be found on our website, or contact Chris Slates at 717 641-3279, or [email protected]

There are many classes that will be beginning new sessions.  Glenn Blue is a new instructor that will offer a three day workshop in April. He will be sharing many of his techniques in watercolor for radiant paintings. He is well known in   the York area, and we are delighted to have him come to Hershey.

John McNulty is offering a new class about drawing with your composition in mind. This class is to begin this coming Tuesday. There is still room in the class. If you want to attend, contact Kathy Smeltzer our Class Chair ASAP at [email protected] or 717 566-1212.

Check out details on all our wonderful classes on the website.

Following are a couple of volunteer opportunities:

1) Hershey Area Art Association will be providing a children's art project at Art Fest (formerly Art on Chocolate) May 12th, the Saturday before Mother's Day. We'd love to have extra hands to assist children in a marbling project.

2) We would like to expand our use of Facebook to announce classes and meetings. If you use Facebook, please consider helping our Association by being the contact person to post upcoming classes.                                            

To express interest, or get more information, please contact me at [email protected] or 717 541-4223 for either activity.

Speaking of Facebook, we are trying to generate more traffic to our page. To facilitate this, please ask your friends to "like" our page as it builds a following. We will be using it more to share our meetings, classes and shows.

With a new year, the Board is busy evaluating goals for HAAA, and plan to present them to the membership at our September general meeting to prioritize. Previous to that meeting, if you'd like to express a direction you'd wish to      see HAAA go in the future, please let one of our Board members know. Along with your suggestion, please provide a plan to accomplish the goal.

An update on the back area of the Historical Society building: When the weather becomes adequate for germination the plan is to level and grade the ground, then spread grass seed. After the seed has taken hold, a walkway of paver stones will be installed to the doors to replace the present slate walkway.

Thank you to all who have renewed your membership to HAAA for the 2018 year. Without your support we could not exist. For those who would like to renew, please send the membership dues of $20 to HAAA, P.O. Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033.


Cindy Ankney, President

Prez Sez February 2018

Welcome to our new Board members - Marie Gamon, Wendy Keller, Lori Lute-Beahm, Suzi Moll, David Pringle, and Kathy Smeltzer. The Officers for 2018 are: Cindy Ankney, President; Kathleen Grim, Vice-President; Chris Slates, Secretary, Mary Lott, Treasurer. This month I want to share our Annual Report:

Annual Report 2017

Hershey Area Art Association

There were 8 monthly meetings (March was cancelled due to snow)

Nineteen classes/workshops were offered with a total of 186 participants

We participated in/orchestrated 15 show/sale events

There is a combined total of $15,824 in our checking/savings accounts

Community Activities

Presented our annual art scholarship of $1000 in May

Carried out a children's activity at Block of Art in Pottsville

Hosted dinners and provided hats/socks for Hope Lodge cancer patients

Participated in Hershey Partnership's Annual Soup Cook-Off

Art was hung in sensitive areas of the Hershey Medical Center through Center Stage

Contributed Non-Perishable food to Hershey Food Pantry

Members donated art work for various fund raising events

Paid for subscription of Painters & Illustrators magazine to Hershey Library

Board Motions

Built guide lines for considering possible venues as they become available

Built guidelines for hanging and displaying art at venues

Purchased shelving for supply closet in Society building

Purchased a microphone for meetings

Placed an Advertisement in Central Pa's Arts Magazine

Changed the process for receiving payments to classes

Membership voted to raise ceiling for checks written by Treasurer to accommodate changing class payments process

Joined the PA Association of Non-Profit Organizations

It was a busy, productive year. Thank you for your support in making our Association a gem, and we look forward to another progressive year.

Membership Renewal is still in process. Please, remember to send in your membership dues if you will be unable to attend February's meeting. HAAA, P.O. Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033

Cindy Ankney, President

Prez Sez January 2018

Welcome to a new year! Our Association closed out 2017 with a wonderful Christmas dinner where we shared past holiday experiences and collected non-perishables for Hershey Food Pantry. 

We are looking forward to an exciting new year with six new members to the Board to be confirmed at our January meeting. January is also our "Masterpiece" evening, so please bring one of your art pieces to share with the group.

After a holiday break, we are restarting our art classes in mid January. Both Paulette Flemmens and John McNulty will resume their oil classes; Marie Gamon will return with a class in acrylic; and open Paint Together sessions, without a formal instructor, will start again. Find details and a registration form on our website. Please remember to make all checks out to HAAA for classes.

Our first art display of the year is at Hershey Gardens Conservatory January 12 - 15. More information and a registration is on our website.

With winter comes the possibility of inclement weather. For all Association events, if the Hershey/Derry Township schools are closed, the event will be cancelled. If the schools are on a two hour delay, the instructor will decide whether or not to have their class, and will contact the students with their decision. Every effort will be made to make up a cancelled class.

I can't say enough how unique Hershey Area Art Association is with all the opportunities to explore, learn about, and display art. When visitors attend our meetings, I often hear affirmation of the cohesive, friendly atmosphere. I thank each one of you for your excitement and commitment to HAAA, through membership in the Association. Without your participation and support, we would not exist.

Lee Sandel and Darlene Ferrier will be at a table to collect 2018 membership dues at our January 9th meeting. If you will not be able to attend our monthly meeting, please send a check for your membership to our post office box:

HAAA, P.O. Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033.

Dues run from January to January of each calendar year. For new members who have joined in October 2017 or later, your dues are good for the new year.

I wish you a wonderful New Year, and look forward to sharing artistic moments.

Sincerely, Cindy Ankney, President

Prez Sez December 2017

Our Holiday Dinner is just around the corner: next Tuesday, December 5th at 6:00. This is a time to enjoy a casual atmosphere of tranquility together. If you would like to join us for this potluck, and have not registered, please do so on our website. We will gather at the Hershey Derry Township Historical Society, as we do each month. Also, as we have done in the past, there will be boxes at the dinner to receive non-perishables for the Hershey Food Pantry. Please bring an item or two for those less fortunate.

I would like to introduce David Pringle as our new Webmaster. He and Ev have been working together for a smooth transition. Ev has devoted several years to developing our remarkable website presence. David is looking forward to carrying on that commitment.

During this webmaster changeover, SmART Sales, have been suspended. This is an area Ev also devoted much time collecting, photographing, placing on our webpage, collecting bids, and distributing art items. Through her efforts, around $400 was raised last year through sales. If you would like to volunteer to carry on this venue, please contact me at [email protected] In the meantime, we welcome your desire to contribute to HAAA through sales of art items you would like others to repurpose. But to do  so, please use the following system: set up a table at our meeting for your items, collect the funds and give to our Treasurer, Mary Lott, and take home any unpurchased items.

Our members have been very generous in contributing funds to our Association by using the Dick Blick/Utrecht rebate system linked to our website, found at the bottom of the main page. Please shop first, then use the link to order, as there is a window of opportunity once you press the link button. Last year we received rebates of just under $300. Thank you!!

We are entering the phase when we collect memberships for the new year. The annual fees will remain the same: $20 for individual; $30 for family; $10 for student. A table will be set up at the January meeting for collection of fees, or you may mail a check to HAAA, P.O. Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033.

Our first show of the year will be at Hershey Gardens Conservatory from January 12 - 15, with set up Thursday evening, January 11, at 4:30. Each artist can hang up to six pieces which portray garden or nature splendor and awe. Please review guidelines and register on our website by clicking the notification on the main page.

Wishing you a tranquil and purposeful Holiday season.

Cindy Ankney, President

Prez Sez November 2017

November: a season of reflection and thanksgiving. I often reflect on what an outstanding Association we are, and how much we offer to the membership and community in service, meetings, classes and show/sales. I can't think of any other art association that covers such a wide variety of opportunities. I am very thankful for the dedicated membership that works together to make this Association possible.

Congratulations to our dedicated members that prepared and served the Ham and Potato soup at the Partnership Soup Cook-off on October 14th. Hershey Area Art Association took 1st place for the second year in a row in the non-professional category. We are pleased to support the community, and the Hershey Volunteer Fire Dept through this event.

Please remember that we will be voting on a change in the By Laws to allow the Treasurer to write checks in a higher denomination than $100 without a dual signature. This comes as a result of modifying the current procedure where class checks are written to the instructors. Beginning in January 2018, checks for class attendance will be written to Hershey Area Art Association (HAAA). Full details were sent to the membership on October 3rd for review. If you have any questions, or would like to receive that information again, please contact me at [email protected], or (717) 541-4223. The vote by the membership will take place at the November 14 general meeting which begins at 7:00 PM.

Fred Swarr will be the guest speaker at our November general meeting. Fred resides in Mt. Gretna. He will share how his methods have evolved over the years to currently meld art and music.

Mark your calendars for our Holiday Dinner which will take place on December 5th - the FIRST Tuesday of the month. The dinner begins at 6:00 PM. This is a pot luck affair at the Historical Society. A sign-up sheet will be at the November meeting. There will not be a meeting on the 12th of December.

While working on your art work, remember there are two shows/sales that have themes coming up:

January will be "Natures Art in the Hershey Garden Conservatory". We're looking for depictions of what you'd find in a garden: plants, bugs, camouflaged nature.

March is the members show with the theme "Local Inspiration". What have you seen in the local area that has inspired a thought of wonder, laughter and/or gratitude.

As always, you will find all the pertinent information on upcoming opportunities on our website.


Cindy Ankney, President


After many weeks of research and discussion, the Board of Directors has approved changing the method of receiving payment for HAAA classes.

Beginning in 2018, registrants for classes will make out their checks to HAAA, rather than the instructor. The Treasurer will distribute the proper checks to the instructor and room rental at the appropriate times . To facilitate this process, we are seeking to raise the ceiling of checks that need dual signature, and utilize electronic banking services.

Under the Hershey Area Art Association By-Laws any proposed change in the by-laws needs to be sent to the membership a minimum of 30 days prior to a vote. A vote will be asked for at the general meeting on November 14, 2017. You will be receiving an e-mail stating the exact change within a couple of days. After reading the proposal, If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] or 717 541-4223.

As the new year approaches, nominations to the Board are also in the forefront. The structure of the Board is to rotate in some new Directors each year. Hershey Area Art Association has been blessed with a number of Board members through their 20+ years who have worked behind the scenes to enable our Association to grow and prosper. If you appreciate the work of HAAA, and desire to guide its continued growth, please contact Deb Reitbauer at [email protected]

Our guest speaker on October 10th will be David Pringle. David joined our Association a couple of years ago and is an avid user of social media in his pursuit of art - both social and commercial. Join David to share his experiences, and perhaps become exposed to a whole different dimension of the art world.

Also, we still have some used art books and frames that will be available for purchase, with a donation to HAAA, prior to the October meeting. Come a little early a snag a deal!

There are two days left to send in your photo submissions for Center Stage. Chosen pieces will hang at the Hershey Medical Center for approximately three months. If more information is needed, contact Susan Gephart at [email protected]

Other October activities:

Partnership Soup Cookoff October 14th

Under the Colors Show/Sale October 20 & 21

The next Hats for Hope event for adult cancer patients will be in November. Please bring colorful socks to warm their feet, and/or holiday themed hats for their heads to our next meeting.

Please note on your calendars that our Holiday Dinner will be December 5th this year. It is the 1st Tuesday of the month, rather than the 2nd.

As always, check our website for complete information on all of our events and classes.

Cindy Ankney, President

Hershey Area Art Association

Prez Sez September 2017

Once again, I am so looking forward to resuming our monthly meetings!! Our guest speakers are Eve Gurbacki and Adrianne Zimmerman, who will share their continuing experience with Art in the Wild. They received 2nd place for their creation this year, and it's a fun evening to hear of their challenging experiences presented with humor.

There will also be a used art book, and frame sale prior to the meeting. We are asking for a minimum donation of $5 for each item. Come a few minutes early on the 12th to snag some bargains.

I love statistics and recently was interested in knowing the make-up of our current membership according to date of joining. I was very amazed to see the results:

Members percentage who joined since 2015 is    58%;

joined between 2010 through 2014:                  23%;

joined prior to 2010:                                      19%

What does that mean? We've had a lot of new members since 2015! Many of these have joined as a result of the classes we offer, along with finding HAAA on the internet, and seeing us at show/sale venues. It also means that just under 50% have enjoyed HAAA for a good number of years, and continue to be a strong foundation for the organization. It is exciting to see the melding of new members ideas with longer members historical knowledge and experience in Hershey Area Art Association.

Classes will be resuming in September with the return of Paulette Flemmens, John McNulty and Paint Togethers . Two new offerings are: a two day plein aire at Wildwood with Paul Gallo, and Marie Gamon is offering instruction in abstract. All the details are on our website.

September Shows/Sales:

We are presenting "Art Near the Park" - a 3 1/2 day show/sale at SpringHill Suites, Marriott from the 7th through the 10th. SpringHill Suites will provide a wonderful reception on Thursday, the 7th, from 4 - 7 pm. The motel is located across the driveway from the Automobile Museum in Hershey.

Also, if you're downtown this month, peruse artwork by HAAA's members in the Capitol Rotunda.

Our final 2nd Thursday for the summer at the Cocoa Beanery will be on the 14th.

Current exhibits are also at the Hershey Library, Cocoa Beanery dining area, and Fenicci's.

I look forward to seeing you soon at one of our September events.

Sincerely, Cindy Ankney




The theme for this August Newsletter is "Showtime!"


We have three  new opportunities we would like to share with the membership, where the individual artist can contact the establishment to have a private showing, or instructing opportunity.   They are:


Hope Lodge  in Hummelstown near Centric Bank, is seeking a volunteer art instructor to spend a few hours assisting adult cancer patients and their caregivers to express themselves through art.  The facility has an area for a small group of residents to participate in an art activity during the afternoon hours.  Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Jan Swinehart at 717 497-1736  for more information.     Perhaps you would like to coordinate this project with others in HAAA.  If so, let me know.


Seasonal Grounds Tea Bar in Hummelstown on the Square has space for an individual artist    to display about a dozen pieces in their community room.  There is a nice hanging system in place.  This room is mainly used on the weekends during their guest musician's performance on Friday evening,  and during the Saturday breakfast crowd.  Artists usually hang their work for a two month period.  Seasonal Grounds will handle the sales, pay the sales tax, and receive a 30% commission on sales.  Contact  Crystal at [email protected]


Traditions of Hershey in Palmyra has space for individual artists to hang their work on the 3rd floor  of the residence area between the elevator and the library.  They would be very flexible and have numerous spots works can hang.  There is no commission charged for this location, and the artist would be contacted for a sale.   Lauren is the person to contact if interested, at [email protected]  Telephone:  473-0279.  


Some of our members will be participating in First Friday Lebanon Art Walk on August 4th.  The display  will be set up at Ebersole Hyundai at 2101 Cumberland, Lebanon.


Another show opportunity is Blooming Art at the Education Center of Hershey Gardens August 12 & 13.   


We'll also be changing out Fennicci's and Art in the Cocoa Beanery this month.  For more information on the above four,  visit our website.   It is exciting to receive invitations to display our work in the community. 


Cindy Ankney, President

Prez Sez July 2017


Talk about lazy days of summer.  It's almost 11 am, July 1, and I've been gently reminded about writing a Prez Sez!    


A few weeks ago,  I picked up the book The Watercolorist's Answer Book, by Gina Rath.   She gives 425 painting tips, techniques and solutions.  While reading,  a couple of statements jumped out that I'd like to share:


Under Design Solutions (Tip 314):   When considering a painting from subject matter.....    "What can be exaggerated?   What can be eliminated?  What is the most effective design to promote the desired impact?  When you begin to relate to potential subject matter with these questions in mind, you emerge from painter to artist.  Being an artist is not about replicating nature; it is about communicating a personal vision.  Don't worry about whether your art is pretty; worry about whether it is effective."


Under Technique (Tip 324):  "I often tell my students that in a play, a movie or an opera, there is room for only one star.  If you attend a play and everyone on the stage is fighting for attention, out-singing or out-shouting one another, it will more than likely be very nerve-racking.  The same is true of a painting.  Keep it simple with one center of interest placed in just the right spot."


Art is an ongoing experience,  there is so much to learn.  I hope you are  finding some inspiration in a good reference book.   Even better, I hope you are finding some time to paint this summer. 


HAAA offers many opportunities to show you work.  Please check our website under the events tab for a number of venues.  You will also find the hanging tags at the bottom of the HAAA events page. 


Please vote for your favorite soup can label for the October Soup Cook Off.

Find the link under "Artful Soup" venue on the Events tab.  Deadline:  July 9th


Cindy Ankney, President


Prez Sez June 2017


What precipitation we lacked in Winter is surely being made up this Spring.    Unfortunately, we were unable to participate in Art on Chocolate because of the weather.   The following Thursday at the outdoor show for the Cocoa Beanery was a scorcher, but the breeze made it palatable, and it was an enjoyable day. 


That same day we also initiated a new venue for Hershey Area Art Association - the inside eatery portion of the Cocoa Beanery.  Presently we have two artists displaying their art there:   Paulette Flemmens and Marie Gamon.    Artists will be alternating on a 6 - 8 week rotation.   Linda Rose will be the Show Chair for this venue, and will be rolling out details very soon.   Perhaps you have an idea for a name for this venue.   If so,  please send your suggestion to me at [email protected]  This venue is in addition to our 2nd Thursdays at the Cocoa Beanery, during the summer months.   As of this writing, there is still one slot open for 2nd Thursday in September.   


There is still room in all of our Summer classes/workshops:


 Oil painting;  Watercolor painting; and a Cement Event!


Check our website to see if any fit into your summer calendar.  Registrations for classes/workshops and show entry can be found on our website.



Cindy Ankney, President

Prez Sez May 2017


May has traditionally been the month we devote to student artists at our General Meeting.  Come out May 9th at 7:00 pm, and meet Madeline Gotshall - the 2017 recipient of the Hershey Area Art Association's Scholarship Award.   A Senior from Lower Dauphin High School, Madeline will be sharing some of her work and goals for the future.    Also, students from Hershey High School will be sharing some of their works.    As we did last May, there will be tasting of 'Artful Soups'  to determine which one will be entered in the Annual Hershey Partnership Soup Cook Off in October.   


As Spring arrives, our show/sales exhibits really kick in.   Below are the shows, dates, and Show Chairs for opportunities between May and October. Information will be sent to members via e-mail, and on the website under HAAA Events as registration times approach.


Babe’s Restaurant                               Bi-Monthly                              Justine Kreifels

Hershey Public Library Show             Bi-Monthly                              Marie Gamon

Country Meadows                               May 4th – 25th                         Connie Davis 

Art on Chocolate                                 May 13th Saturday                  Chris Slates

POP UP Art Show – Beanery            May 18th                                 Mary Lott

Cocoa Beanery – 2 nd Thursday         June – September                    Mary Lott

Old Annville Days                              June 10th, Saturday              Marcia Leister

Fenicci’s Restaurant                            August - October                     Susan Kelly-Dreiss

Blooming Art  @ Hershey Gardens   August 12th & 13th                   Cindy  Ankney

Capitol Exhibit                                   September                                Connie Davis

Spring Hill Suites                             September                                To Be Determined

Under the Colors                               Oct 20th & 21st                          Cindy  Ankney


There are also some Summer classes/workshops being offered, with more information on the website:

Paint Togethers              (No Instructor)

John McNulty               (Oil)

Paulette Flemmens          (Oil Plein Air)

M J  McFalls                (Cement Event Workshop at her farm)

Lynne Yancha               (Watercolor Workshop)

Deb Watson                   (Watercolor Workshop)


The next Library change out will be Saturday,  May 20th.   It was originally scheduled for May 13th,  but that conflicted with Art on Chocolate which we are participating  in.   If May 13th is more convenient for you,   please let Marie Gamon ([email protected]) or Chris Slates ([email protected]) know so they are aware you will be retrieving your art work on that day.  There will not be any "intake" on May 13th.  Intake will occur on May 20th from 9:30 - 11:30 am.


Cindy Ankney, President



Our Member’s Show “Fire and Ice” is phenomenal!   There are 70 exceptional paintings presently hanging in the Gallery hallway of The Hershey Library.  An overflowing crowd attended the reception held on March 26th.  The award winners are:


                                                       Nick Elsner and Marie Gamon                Tied for Fire and Ice Theme

                                                       Deb Reitbauer                                           People’s Choice


If you were unable to attend the reception,  the  paintings will be on display at the Library until May 20th.    Thank you to everyone who made this a marvelous event.


In spite of the unexpected snow fall which cancelled our March meeting, we are thrilled that Vitaly Borisenko was able to reschedule for our upcoming April 11th meeting.


It is exciting to  share that three new venues for exhibit/sales have been added to our calendar:   


            Open Air at the Cocoa Beanery              May 18th

            Fenicci’s (2 three month sessions)        May 5th

            Conservatory at Hershey Gardens        Jan. 12 – 15, 2018


There will be cards listing all our upcoming exhibits/sales at the April meeting.    Be ready to sign up April 11th for several events which are taking place in May. 


Thank you to  those who have renewed their membership to Hershey Area Art Association for 2017.     Your support and commitment are imperative to our active organization.       Our monthly meetings are open to the public, but please remember a membership is required to participate in our exhibits/sales, and you get a discounted price on classes.  If you haven’t done so already, please renew by April 30th either at the meeting, or by mail to P.O. Box 654, Hershey, PA  17033.


Cindy Ankney, President

Hershey Area Art Association




This is the time of year we are seeking Scholarship applicants.    The letters have been sent out to the high schools in  Lebanon and Dauphin counties.   The award   amount is  $1000 to a student who is going on to college, or trade school,  with an art major.  If you know of anyone in the local area who would benefit from this scholarship, please encourage them to complete the application and have it postmarked by March 31st.


Vitaly Borisenko will be our guest speaker this month, on March 14th.  He has become an award winning artist who moved to America from Russia in 2014,  and started painting at  that time.


Our Fire and Ice themed Member’s Show is just around the corner.   Registration is being accepted now.   The reception will take place on Sunday, March 26th from 1 - 3 PM at the Hershey Library.


You can find more detailed information about the above items, and more,  on our website.   There have also been  several new class offerings added in the past week.


Recently the topic of having the availability to accept credit cards at our show/sale events  came up in a discussion.  Less and less people carry cash or check books.     The Board has considered that at times.          At the present,  that is not an avenue we are pursuing.  Another option for individuals who would like to   accept credit cards,  is the   “Square Reader”.      This device uses your smart phone and is capable of charging by swiping,  reading the chip, or completing a contactless entry.  There is a cost to this apparatus, and they charge just under 3% on each transaction.   However, if you would like more flexibility in payment options for your art sales, you may want to look into this avenue by typing in “square reader” online. 


Your membership is very important to sustain our motto of “Promoting, Encouraging and Perpetuating the Fine Arts and Fine Arts Education in the Region.”    If you haven’t already done so, please send in your renewal in the amount of $20  to HAAA, P.O. Box 654, Hershey, PA  17033.  Thank you so very much.



Cindy Ankney, President

Prez Sez February 2017

I want to take this moment to welcome the new Board members who were voted on at the January meeting: Nick Elsener, Kathleen Grim, Mary Lott, and Deb Reitbauer. We look forward to having their expertise and insight on the Board. They will be joining MB Barrett, Connie Davis, Susan Gephart, Eve Gurbacki, Marcia Leister, Ev Schnader, Chris Slates and myself to serve as your Board. Three members rotate off: Darlene Ferrier, Susan Kelly-Dreiss, and Janette Kurie. Thank you all for your dedication and service to HAAA. The officers for this year are President: Cindy Ankney; Vice-President: Marcia Leister; Secretary: Chris Slates; Treasurer: Mary Lott.

February 14th is the day of “love”. I can’t say enough, how much your love for art and HAAA are appreciated. Part of that love is expressed in your membership support. At this time, membership dues for 2017 are payable. If you know you will not be able to attend the meeting on February 14th, please mail your dues to HAAA, P.O. Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033. The dues are $20 for the year.

Angela Lapioli will be our guest speaker this month. She will share her techniques with “Acrylics in Abstract Painting.” Examples of her work can be found on our website.

We have show/sale opportunities all year long. The upcoming ones for this year are listed below. We are also working on obtaining business venues. To participate in these events, your dues must be up to date. To sell, each artist is responsible for obtaining their PA Sales License.

Hershey Library Show – on going all year

Annual Member Show (Fire and Ice) March 25 thru May 13

Art on Chocolate – May 13th

Country Meadows – May 14th for an extended time to be determined

Old Annville Day – June 10th

2nd Thursdays at Cocoa Beanery – June thru September

Blooming Art at Hershey Gardens – August

Capitol Display – September

Under the Colors – October 21 & 22

Center Stage – November 2017 – thru January 2018

Reminder: “Fire and Ice” is a theme for the Annual Member Show, but it is not a requirement to participate. More information can be found on the website.

Please, do check our website often for all the opportunities available through our Association. If you would like to share a show you are participating in, or award you’ve received, please send the information to Ev at [email protected] for inclusion on our website.

Cindy Ankney, President

Hershey Area Art Association

Prez Sez for January 2017

Welcome to a new year!! As we look forward, we also like to reflect on 2016.

Our membership increased to 143;

we have a little over $11,000 combined in our checking/saving accounts;

22 classes/workshop sessions were offered, with a total of 191 participants;

we participated in/orchestrated 14 show/sale events;

8 incredible monthly meetings were presented (Jan & Feb got snowed out; but we had two meeting events in April).

Community activities can cross over from other events but included :

Yearly $1000 scholarship for student continuing on to art school

children’s activities at show/sales;

display of art work in Hershey Medical Center’s Center Stage;

hosting dinners and providing artistic hats at Hope Lodge for adult cancer victims;

participating in Hershey Partnership’s Annual Soup Cook-off;

carving pumpkins for Hershey Garden’s Pumpkin Glow event;

judging a children’s chalk art competition;

members donating art work for various local fund raising events.

Needless to say – we are a busy Association. We are also a healthy Association. None of this would be accomplished without your support and participation.

Looking forward:

“Masterpiece” night for our January 10th meeting

Board Members/Officers will be elected in January.

Membership dues of $20 for individual; $30 for family will be collected in January/February.

Classes will be resuming in mid January/February.

As always, our web site is the focal point for information/details of our activities. Please check it often to keep informed.

Cindy Ankney, President

Hershey Area Art Association

Prez Sez

December 2016


Today, December 1st, is the deadline to sign up for our “Sweet and Magical” Holiday Potluck Dinner which takes place on our regular monthly meeting night – December 13th.      If you are interested in participating, and haven’t signed up yet, please do so by going to our  webpage, or contact Suze Moll by e-mail at  [email protected]    Her telephone number is 986-0586.    Presently, we have about 50 who plan to attend.     There will also be a collection of canned goods which will be given to the Hershey Food Pantry.    Please give  to  those less fortunate.


Kathleen Grim has been busy lining up new courses/workshops for us to participate in starting in January.   Along with several established classes, she has developed an adjunct course with Riverbottom Pottery.     We are also introducing a portrait course in oil on Wednesday evenings, instructed by Eve Gurbacki.      Check out the details on our website. 


After going over the responses to our Questionnaire, this month I choose the topic of advertising  our Association to share with the membership.   If we choose to continue these venues, the first two would  be yearly expenditures,  the other two are as needed.  This past year, we have invested money in the following areas:  


For the first time, we took out an ad in the Central PA magazine, Art edition.  This comes out once a year in  the month of August.    Along with a business card size ad for our Association, we listed 20 events that happen throughout the year.    Every monthly meeting was listed; several of our classes  were listed; and HAAA shows we knew the dates of were listed.    The week   the magazine came out,  it was encouraging to receive registrations for classes and new memberships.   Included in the fee was a color add for Under the Colors        in the Patriot News Thursday Go Section in the second week of October.


We also registered  as a business member with the Historical Society as we have a strong appreciation for our mutual involvement in the community.      Part of this membership allows us to have  a business card size ad in their Reflections Newsletter which is distributed to several hundred individuals.

As our supply was running low, our rack cards were redesigned and several hundred printed out to use at all of our gatherings  and events, and placed in strategic places in the community.


An eight foot tall  feather banner was purchased to draw attention to our show/sales.    This year it was used for  the 2nd Thursday shows at the Cocoa Beanery, Blooming Art Show/Sale at The Hershey Gardens, and at the Under the Colors event.   


We also consistently pay for our website and domain name from the general budget, and advertise our meetings and classes/workshops in several community papers at no cost.  


Hershey Area Art Association is a gem and the word is spreading.  


Wishing you a wonderful Christmas season filled with joy and wonder.


Cindy Ankney, President

Prez Sez  November 2016

November – Thanksgiving – Reflection.   As President of the Hershey Area Art Association,  I often find myself doing a lot of reflection on the goals of our Association.    While recently watching a tv show, I was struck by an actor’s statement of reflection “what is the core of our mission, and what is the icing”   The core of our Association is our motto:  “Promoting, encouraging, and perpetuating the fine arts and fine art education in the region.”    To accomplish our motto we have our monthly meetings, organize shows/sales of our art work,  offer classes and workshops, offer a yearly  Scholarship, individual members donate art work for various silent auctions, and participate in numerous community outreach activities  (the icing).    I would love to see more outreach to the elderly in nursing homes, and children at our events.   If that is of  interest to you, or you have other ideas, please let me know at [email protected] 

I also enjoy statistics, and recently  compiled, using our membership list,  that about 40-50% of our members attend the monthly meetings;   20-30% participate in our shows/sales; and 10-20% participate in taking classes we offer.     We are  a very active Association, and I am pleasingly  thankful for all your participation and enthusiasm.  There is no doubt in my mind that we are gaining recognition as an Association that is active and worthwhile.

As the Holiday season approaches,  our activities tend to slow down a bit.   Classes will be winding down, shows/sales are winding down – but we are not inactive! 

The change out for the present Library exhibit is scheduled for the morning of Saturday, November 12th.

We will be co-hosting the Hershey Partnership breakfast meeting on December 1st at the Historical Society.    Screens will be put up and artists’ works will be displayed.   We have developed a close relationship with many of the Partnership members, and are pleased to be a part of this organization.  The Partnership is equivalent to a Chamber of Commerce.

 Our holiday dinner will be in December, on our normal second Tuesday – December 13th.   Suze Moll and Chris Slates will be developing that event.  Please contact them if you’d also like to be a part of planning for that occasion.   We will be meeting at our normal spot in the Hershey Derry Township Historical Society room, and this will be a covered dish  event.    Suze’s e-mail is [email protected]  ; Chris’s is [email protected]

If you haven’t started already,  please consider working on an art piece with the theme “Fire and Ice”  for our Member’s Show which will hang in the Hershey Library starting in March.  

Check out the upcoming Classes  on our website to see when classes will resume in the new year.   Registrations are being accepted now. 

We are  looking for a volunteer  to be our Hospitality Chair, beginning in January.   This person would arrange for volunteers to provide a snack, drink, and greeter  for our monthly meetings.  They would also greet our guest speaker and make sure appropriate tables, etc are set up for their presentation .   Please contact me if you would be willing to oversee this important position that makes our organization run smoothly at each meeting .  Thank you to Patsy Free who has been faithful  in this role for the past three years.


Cindy Ankney, President

Hershey Area Art Association


                                            Prez Sez October 2016

 What a nice change from the heat the last few days.   The season of color is upon us, and a joy for the eyes.     It is amazing how our artistic eyes glory in the abundant colors and shading of nature.   Perhaps it will inspire us even more to get out our sketch pads, paints and cameras.   


If you are reading this on the first day of October,  you may still have a chance to come on down to the Hershey Fire House, one block south of the square, to sample some excellent soup at the cook-off!   Our   Van Gogh Sunflower soup will be in competition with many others, and the proceeds go to the Hershey Partnership/Hershey Fire Dept.  The hours are from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. 


M.J. McFalls will be our guest speaker on Tuesday, October 11th.    If you have been to MJ’s Coffeehouse  in Annville, you will have seen some of her marvelous work in the murals and illustrations.     M.J. is proficient in many venues and will share “getting out of the box”.  


Prior to this month’s meeting,  George Reitbauer will be available to take pictures of any paintings you would like to enter into the Center Stage show case.   He will be set up at 6:30 pm.  At the time of the photo shot, you must have a tag with your name,  title of painting,  medium, size and price if applicable.  The deadline for all art work entries is the evening of our meeting,  October 11th. 

 October 13th is our next Hats for Hope event and the theme is comfort foods.

Speaking of colors,   our Association show/sale Under the Colors will be in full swing the third weekend of   this month.   Set up will be Thursday evening with the show running Friday and Saturday the 21st and 22nd.     Please get your registration in as soon as possible.

 Carving a pumpkin……what can be more representative of this colorful season. Let your youthful spirit come out by working with Hershey Gardens in creating pumpkins for Pumpkin Glow.  The days for carving are Oct. 20, 21, 27 and 28.  


 As always,  more detailed information about all our activities is on the website.  At this time the art work of Nancy Schell is highlighted on our main page.   Check out our smART sales page – there are some unique items to bid on.   The painting of the scarecrow is the work of HAAA member, Linda Rose.


 I’m looking forward to seeing you at one of our many opportunities to share our love of art.  The art featured above for this month was created by HAAA member Linda Rose

 Cindy Ankney, President

 Hershey Area Art Association





       Prez Sez for September 2016

It’s coming……just around the corner……September 13th -  Resuming of our monthly meetings!!!!  I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.  It feels just  like going back to school  to see friends I’ve missed over the summer.           Eve Gurbacki and Adrianne  Zimmerman will be sharing their experience with Wildwood’s  “Art in the Wild”.             


During the summer a questionnaire has been developed in hopes of gaining the member’s interests.  Please take the time to complete this as it is your  voice to the Board for future planning.     A “blast” will be sent out on September 6th notifying you where to find the link on our website.    The internet questionnaire will be available for one week until our meeting September 13th.


September 1st is the beginning date you can submit entries for Center Stage at the Hershey Medical Center.    Ultimately, these works will hang in high stress locations and waiting   areas of the Medical Center  for three months.   They are meant to be soothing and comforting.   If you need further information, contact Chris Slates at [email protected].


We have had a wonderful variety of talent showing art  on 2nd Thursdays at the Cocoa Beanery this summer.  September 8th will be the last one for this season.  The three artists on display will be Bob Hill, Tina Kraybill and Suze Moll.  


Our Art Gallery wall is empty at the Hershey Library, but not for long.   September 10th is the day to bring your works and showcase our art at the Library once again.  Drop off your paintings between 9:30 – 11:30 am.


Regular classes with Paulette Flemmens, John McNulty and Paint Togethers are starting new sessions in September.   Marie Gamon is offering a new six week course in acrylics starting September 8th, and Lynne Yancha is returning for a three day workshop September     21- 23.  All the details  can be found on our website.


Under the Colors is approaching for the end of October  and we have printed out postcards for advertising.  There will be a supply at the meeting on the 13th for members to take and disperse.  We also would like to add to our mailing list.  Last year we sent out 280 announcements, but want to increase that amount.  Please furnish any addresses of local friends, family, or business contacts  you’d like to have a card sent to,  to Chris Slates at [email protected].    


Last year four HAAA members helped carve pumpkins for Hershey Gardens  Pumpkin Glow .  It was great  fun and we are hoping to participate again.   The days to carve are October 20 and October 27,  in the morning.   Patterns and tools are furnished, but you are free to let your creative juices flow!    A sign up sheet will be at the September meeting.


The Board has voted to place our historical material with The Community Archives located in The Hershey Story Museum.    If anyone has material they feel is of historical value that  they would like to include,  please contact me.  The material will be well taken care of, and available to anyone who has interest in it for historical purposes.    If there are photographs, the individuals must be named.


Don’t forget to set aside October 1st for Hershey Partnership’s  Soup Cook-off.  This will be our first year to participate and we’re going to be very impressive.     Come on out and support HAAA.   More info is on our website.


 At the present time,  enjoy the work of Barbara James featured on our website home page.   


Cindy Ankney,  President

Hershey Area Art Association


       Prez  Sez for August  2016

We’re in the final stretch of Summer and I’m looking forward to our next general meeting on Tuesday,  September 13th!!      HAAA member Eve Gurbacki and her friend Adrianne Zimmerman are going to share their experience participating in Wildwood’s  “Art in the Wild”.   Their entry received 3rd place.     They will share their unforgettable journey of discovery in trial and error.  If you’re  looking for a place to get out into nature, you can still view “Art in the Wild”  at Wildwood as it runs through October. 


HAAA has worked hard to offer a variety of classes and workshops, and we are expanding our artist network by offering “Adjunct” classes.  These are classes/ workshops  offered  by  members of Hershey Area Art Association who conduct their instruction in their own studio space.   There will be a second “class” page on our website, and we will advertise these classes/workshops along with the ones HAAA manages.   When you see the term “Adjunct” in the announcement,  check out the second art class page for further information.  Members who are interested in being an “Adjunct Instructor”,  please contact Kathleen Grim at [email protected] for further information.


Oh what a difference “light” can make.    Ever since we’ve completed our “Shine a Light” project at the Hershey Library,  there has been a noticeable increase in sales.  During this past show,  six pieces of art were sold.    I am confident that more people are going down the gallery hallway because of the inviting atmosphere.     What a beautiful venue to show our art in.  


Volunteer opportunity:   Are you a Facebook fan?   If you would like to post events pertaining to HAAA, along with Maria Gronlund,  please contact Ev Schnader at [email protected]


Participants for 2nd Thursday, at the Cocoa Beanery,  on August 11th are  Cindy Fry,  Marie Gamon, and Nancy Schell.    Stop in to see their displays.


Our art show/sale, Blooming Art, will be August 13 and 14 at the Hershey Garden Education Center.    To sign up contact Judy McMullen at [email protected] .  Artists who participate are also able to go through the Gardens at no charge.  


Classes/Workshops starting in September are Paint Togethers,  Oil with Paulette Flemmens, Acrylics with Marie Gamon,  Watercolor Workshop with Lynne Yancha.   You will find more info on the website.


Michael Feldser’s photography will be the subject of our website’s homepage banner – check it out!


Cindy Ankney, President


                                                                                           Prez Sez  July 2016                 


Lazy days of summer?   Not hardly – everyone I talk to is b-u-s-y!!


Even during the “down” time of summer, Hershey Area Art Association is working towards our goal to “promote, encourage, and perpetuate the fine arts and fine arts education in the region”.      Eve Gurbacki is lining up some outstanding programs to start off the fall general meetings, and Kathleen Grim continues to  work on setting up classes/workshops.


We have three shows that are coming up and need to get the word out prior to the September meeting:


Blooming Art will take place at the Hershey Gardens Education Center on August 13 and 14 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm each day.  Because we will not have a general meeting prior to this event, it is very important that you indicate your desire to participate by going on our website and completing the form.  Like last year, we will need members to be present during the show times for those two days.   A schedule to sign up is located on our website.   You may also contact Judy McMullen at [email protected] or    566-8203.      


Be thinking about  paintings you would like to submit for consideration with ­Center Stage at the Hershey Medical Center.    Chris Slates will be calling for entries beginning October 1st.     Check the website for more details.


Under the Colors   will be the weekend of October 21 & 22.   Last year was our first “stand alone” show at the HDTHS, and it was a great success for the first year.   More information will be coming out at the September meeting, but please reserve those dates on your calendar.

There are still spaces available for 2nd Thursday’s  at the Cocoa Beanery for the months of August and September.   Contact Mary Lott at [email protected] or 238-3019.   This month the artists participating are Cathy Griffith,  Barbara James, and Beth Baker.  If possible, stop by and see their displays. 


Remember to pick up any artwork you have on exhibit  at the Hershey Library the morning of  July 16th.   There will be no intake during that date, as the Library will be having their annual book sale shortly thereafter. 


The entries for the soup cook-off can label are in and will be posted on our website for the membership to vote on.   Cast your vote between July 2 and 10.  The ballot link will be located on the “Events” page.


As you can see,  our website is an integral part of our Association and is constantly being updated with our activities and opportunities.     Please check it often, and mark your calendars.  


Cindy Ankney, President

Hershey Area Art Association


 The Prez Sez  for  June  2016    

Summer is coming, and I already miss our meeting times together!    That is not to say we don’t have many opportunities to gather.   Old Annville Day is coming up June 11th.   We are offering more summer classes/workshops than ever before.    HAAA will sponsor a picnic dinner for the residents of Hope Lodge on the 14th of June.  Continue to check out our website for information on all the opportunities during the Summer.


A late Summer show/sale event to put on your calendar is “Blooming Art” which will take place August 13 and 14 in the Education Center of The Hershey Garden.    Last year we emphasized flowers.  This year we’d like to emphasize anything “Hershey”.     That is not a requirement, but a fun theme to consider.     In July an e-mail will be sent with more information.  Like last year, we will need several individuals to “man” the sales table, as this is a two day event.


Another “themed” painting venue is the soup can display for the Soup Cook-Off in October which is sponsored by the Hershey Volunteer Fire Company.   The soup that won the taste off at our May meeting was Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Soup.  For further information about the requirements for the display, go to our website, under   the “events” tab.   The deadline to submit your entry is June 30, at midnight.  The HAAA membership will cast votes on the entries for the winning work.


An area we are trying to further develop is Venue organization.   We’re looking for opportunities to hang our art for longer  periods of time  with  businesses.  The recent opportunity we had with Country Meadows was very well received and appreciated.   Nick Elsener has agreed to be our Venue Chair.   He is willing to visit a prospective business and discuss details for a possible display.   When  you have contact with a business that has expressed interest in the work of our Association, please contact Nick at either  (202) 302-3643 or  [email protected].

 Thank you for all you do for our Association!


 Cindy Ankney, President

 Hershey Area Art Association

  The Prez Sez  for April 2016

The General Election took place in March, and I have been elected as the new President of Hershey Area Art Association for the next year.    I want to thank Ev for her wonderful guidance for the past three years.


I am very grateful that the  Hershey Area Art Association is so  blessed with a wonderful, active membership.  It encompasses a  Board who oversees major decisions ;  Committee Chairs who oversee programs, classes, community events and participation;  members who come each month to the general meetings, and volunteer in a multitude of various ways to keep the Association running smoothly; members who can’t actively participate but love to support the arts.   Without every one of us, there would not be an Association.


When I tell people we generally have about one third or more of our members at the monthly meetings they are very impressed.   We have a current membership of 130.  When others see what a diverse list of opportunities we offer, they are impressed.   We are known for our diversity, quality, and camaraderie.  


New members are coming in each month.   They are coming with excitement and new ideas for HAAA.    They are  expressing a desire to dive in and get involved.    If there are any areas that you feel you would like to focus on,  ways to improve our Association, do  not  hesitate to contact me, or a Board member.  


If you are looking for a volunteer possibility, the Board is considering a couple of new show/sale venues that will need someone to oversee.   Also it would be appreciated to have someone willing to make sure the room is in order after the general meetings  each month.   We do have one member who has volunteered.   One more individual would be great.  


This month we are pleased to have Candy Delaney, a local photographer,  scheduled for our general meeting on April 12th.   She is a member  of the Harrisburg/Hershey Camera Club, and  loves to photograph the “beauty in   decay “ around her.


On April 26th Jerry Richards has arranged for us to visit the historic St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, in Lebanon, PA.  We will be awed by it’s grandeur.  It is a historical building, built in 1880.   There will be some information about car pooling at the general meeting on the 12th.   


More information can be found about these two meetings, and the following opportunities, on our website.


Spring has sprung, and along with that we will be participating in Garden Fest at Hershey Gardens on April 17th.   Marcia Leister is the contact person for this show/sale.  A children’s activity is also planned.


Upcoming classes for April are:

Paint Together Begins                                    April 4

Oil with Paulette Flemmens Begins                       April 6

Sumi-e with Betsy Stutzman                             April 7 & 8    

Oil with John McNulty                                     Begins April 15      

Beginning Watercolor with Deb Reitbauer              April 21

Paint with a Twist with Marie Gamon                   April 23 (joint venture with Hershey Derry Township Historical  Society)


I am excited to move forward together…..


Cindy Ankney, President

Hershey Area Art Association



The Prez Sez for March 2016.........The Third Time is the Charm!!!

On Tuesday, March 8, 7 pm, at the Historical Society Building, will be the third attempt to conduct the HAAA Annual Meeting and Election of the Board of Directors. The elections at the January and February meetings were canceled due to the inclement weather. This time will be the charm! 


Following the HAAA meeting that evening, the newly elected 2016 Board of Directors will meet to elect the 2016 HAAA officers. The newly elected officers will take office immediately. Results of the election of officers will be emailed to members and information will be posted on the HAAA website.

The Tuesday, March 8th program will feature HAAA member, Barbara James, member since 1996. Recently, Barbara has developed her own unique mixed media work that includes a sculptural element. She will outline her background as an artist and tell the story of how she came to develop her current body of work. Included will be examples of the materials she uses, steps in the process and a short demonstration. This presentation will be educational and informative for everyone.

An artists' reception for the Annual Membership Show, "Under the Lights", will be held from 1 to 3 pm on Sunday, March 6. The art will be brightly lit because of the completion of HAAA's 20th Anniversary Track Lighting Project in the library hallway. HAAA is proud to have sponsored this project providing adequate lighting for the hallway art shows. The reception is open to the public.

The "Under the Lights" art show will continue hanging in the library hallway till April 15, 2016.

HAAA Hats for Hope will take place Tuesday, March 15, 2016. The menu theme for the dinner will be St. Patrick's Day and sign up for the event has been completed. Painted hat donations may be brought to the HAAA meeting on March 8. Thank you for continuing to paint those hats that the patients so dearly love and treasurer.

HAAA's great art classes are in session now and other classes will be starting soon. Check out the schedule on the HAAA website. HAAA's art instructors are excellent and very motivational. Classes and events will be added in the near future.

The application period for the 2016 HAAA Art Scholarship ends March 31, 2016. Encourage anyone you know that would qualify for the scholarship, to apply. Qualifications for the scholarship can be found on the application form that can be downloaded from the HAAA website.


As tradition has it, women may ask a man to marry her on this day.  Watch out all you single men.... and.... women hurry, because the day is just about over!!!


Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association


The Prez Sez for February 2016.......

No More Snow!

I think Harrisburg has had all the snow that is needed for this winter. I am sure many of you agree after you have been clearing the 30+ inches of snow this past week. Hoping most of the snow will be gone by the February HAAA meeting.  Next year I am thinking HAAA should have a creative snowman contest !

Hershey Area Art Association will hold the Annual Board of Directors Election at the regular meeting on Tuesday, February 9, 2016, 7 pm at the Hershey Historical Society Building. The general membership of the association will elect the members for the 2016 Board of Directors who will govern the association. This election was scheduled to take place at the January HAAA meeting which was canceled due to bad weather. Don't miss this chance to be a part of this election process. More details about the election can be found on a link on the Home page of the HAAA website.

The 2016 HAAA Board of Directors will then elect the 2016 officers, President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, from the Board membership at a separate meeting of the Board of Directors.

The feature program for the February 9th meeting will be photographer Candy Delaney who is the owner of Passionate Perspective Photography. Through her photography, Candy strives to express her artistic vision. You may find more information about her work on her website, http://passionateperspectivephotography.weebly.com/ . It will be an inspiring program.


The current Hershey Library Hallway Art Show and the feature artist's art will be on display until February 27.

The next display at the Hershey Library will be the Annual HAAA Membership Show, “Under the Lights”. The dates for this show are March 5 to April 15. Preregistration for the show is required for planning. Details about sign up and delivery of art may be found on the HAAA Events page on the HAAA website.

A reception for the “Under the Lights” art show is scheduled for Sunday, March 6, from 1 to 3 pm at the library and is open to the public. Plan on attending and invite your friends to come view the art.

HAAA's 20th anniversary track lighting project, “Shine a Light on Art”, is scheduled to be complete for the annual membership show.

There are many new art classes scheduled for the next several months. Check HAAA's website and be sure to consider trying something new this winter.


On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, HAAA will be hosting a HAAA Hats for Hope event. Signup for the event will take place at the February 9 meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting, you may email Emme Daley at [email protected] to sign up. Donations of painted hats may be brought to the HAAA meeting or to Hope Lodge the night of the event.


2016 HAAA membership dues may be paid at the February 9 meeting or mailed to Hershey Area Art Association, PO Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033. Memberships are:  Individual -  $20, Family - $30 and Student -  $10. Membership forms can be found on the HAAA and check made payable to Hershey Area Art Association.

I am excited about the many new members and volunteers we are seeing in our association. All the members support will continue to make HAAA a gem in the local art community.


As my term as President is ending, I would like to say that it has been an honor for me to serve as HAAA President for the past 3 years. What a joy it has been to work with the dedicated Board of Directors, Committee members and the many volunteers that care as much about the association as I do.

Thank you to everyone for making growth and progress happen for HAAA!



Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association


 The Prez Sez for January 2016......HAPPY NEW YEAR!

OOPS.......there goes another year!

Oh well, think of this new year as a new canvas to start painting a new masterpiece. So....it is time to get started with that new canvas and don't let 2016 slip away.

If you missed the great 2015 Holiday Party in December and did not get to see the 2015 Annual Membership Slideshow, it will be showing as you arrive for the HAAA meeting on Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 7 pm.

The next Hershey Area Art Association meeting will take place on January 12, 7 pm, at the Historical Society Building and will include the 2015 Annual Report and the Nominations and Election of the 2016 Board of Directors. It is a very important meeting for all HAAA members to attend and be a part of this election process. More information about the election may be found on the Home page of the HAAA website.

"Masterpiece Night" will take place after the report and election that evening. Come to be inspired and share your art with others. Are you looking for suggestions to finish a piece of artwork?.... or....Do you have some artwork that you would like to show others? This night is a good time to do both.

2016 HAAA membership dues will be collected at the January 12 HAAA meeting or you may mail yearly dues to Hershey Area Art Association, PO Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033. Individual Membership dues are $20.00, Family Membership, $30.00 and Student Memberships, $10.00. Make checks payable to Hershey Area Art Association.

2016 Art Classes will be starting in January. Check the schedule on the HAAA website, www.hersheyareaartassociation.com. Classes are being offered in many different styles and mediums. Send in your registration as soon as possible to secure a space in the class.

The Hershey Library Art Show will have art show rotation on Saturday, January 16. Don't miss the feature artist for January. Details will be found on the website.

Looking ahead, don't forget that the 2016 Annual HAAA Membership Show, "Under the Lights", will take place in March and April at the Hershey Public Library. This show will showcase artwork that has a theme which focuses on the show title, "Under the Lights". Get started today with a project. This year's membership show will be the debut for HAAA's 20th Anniversary track lighting project, "Shine a Light on Art".

HAAA is in the process of gathering and filing documents from the past 20 years. If you have old HAAA newsletters, newspaper clippings or pictures from HAAA's past years, please consider donating the items to HAAA.

A new document, General Information and Policy Document, was added to the HAAA website for your reference. It is located at two locations on the website, under the Home tab and the website footer area. You may print the document for your reference if you would like.

Wishing you a new year filled with peace, joy, and lots of colorful compositions!


Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association

The Prez Sez for December 2015!

Start a gift giving tradition this holiday season by giving the gift of an "Art Experience."

Purchase a membership to the Hershey Area Art Association, a ticket to an art museum or tuition for an art class for your family or friends. These are great gifts for anyone that seems to have "everything."

Fundraising for "Shine a Light on Art", HAAA's 20th anniversary community project, has been a great success and HAAA has exceeded the goal of $1000 donated toward the project. The Hershey Library has started the lobby renovations and the hallway track lighting will be installed as part of that renovation in the coming months. Congratulations to all HAAA members for supporting this project. The March 2016 HAAA Annual Membership Show, "Under the Lights," will be brightly lit thanks to this project.

The HAAA Annual Holiday Party will be Tuesday, December 8, 6 pm at the Historical Society. Doors will be open for members to arrive at 5:30 pm with plans to start eating at 6. Hopefully you will be able to attend and you have emailed the chair, Ellen Gewen at [email protected] A count is needed to make sure there is seating for everyone. It will be a great time for you to socialize with HAAA members and enjoy the fun activities planned for the evening. Donations of nonperishable food items will be collected and given to the Hershey Food Bank for families in need of support.

The current Hershey Library Hallway Art Show will be on display till January 16.  Stop by and see all the new art that was hung on November 14.

Three more opportunities to display and sell art will be available to HAAA members for the month of December.

The Hershey Partnership meeting on Thursday, December 3, 7:30 am to 9:00 am will feature an art show by HAAA members. This is great opportunity for HAAA members to display art for local business leaders to view. Connie Davis may be emailed at [email protected] to sign up if you have not already done so.

On the same day, Springhill Suites, located on Route 39 next to the Antique Auto Museum, will host an art show from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Set up will begin after the Hershey Partnership show. Springhill Suites will be hosting the show with refreshments and musical entertainment. Contact Marcia Leister at [email protected] or text at 460-5441 if you have any questions or would like to sign up.

HAAA will be displaying and selling artwork at the Hershey Derry Township Historical Society Annual Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 12, from 10 am to 2 pm. The trains will be running, art for sale/display and many other special activities will be taking place on this day. Big crowds attend this annual event. Don't miss! Sign up will happen soon.

A new schedule for Art Classes has been posted and some classes begin in January 2016. Treat yourself or a friend with an art class tuition in the coming year.

As the year comes to an end, the HAAA board has been very productive this past year and made some great strides toward making the association even better for the new year 2016 and beyond. Thanks to everyone for making this a memorable year.

Wishing you and your family for a healthy and happy holiday season!


Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association


The Prez Sez for November 2015!

It is November and the feeling of the change of seasons is here.

The inspirational colors in the leaves are almost gone but you can find those inspiring colors and sights at HAAA's next program on Tuesday, November 10, 7 pm. "Attention Please for 15 minutes!".  Five HAAA members, Wendy Craig, Marie Gamon, Dale Kelley, Deb Reitbauer, and George Reitbauer, will be giving you colorful ideas to feed you creatively. You will not want to miss this meeting.

Plan to attend the HAAA covered dish Holiday Party on Tuesday, December 8, 6:00 pm, at the Historical Society building for a fun event.  RSVP is a must for this because a head count is needed to plan for seating.  Spouses or a guest are always invited too attend with you. Sign up will be at the November HAAA meeting and an email will also be sent to all members. A request for donations of half used, any color, acrylic paint is requested for a project for the party. Bring any paint donations to the HAAA meeting on Tuesday, November 10. An email will be sent in the coming weeks for more details.

Exciting News!!.....HAAA's 20th year anniversary project, "Shine a Light on Art", has just about reached the fundraising goal of $1000. A total of $940 has been collected to date! There is still time to make a donation. November 30th is the deadline. Many thanks for all the generous donations to date.

HAAA's 10th year anniversary picture collage, donated to the Historical Society, was reinstalled in the hallway upstairs at the Historical Society. Do not miss a chance to see all the great art that was created by HAAA artists ten years ago. The original location of the collage had been in the lobby of the Historical Society before the renovations that are taking place now.

Pictures for the Library Art Show will be changed on Saturday, November 14. If you are bringing artwork to hang for this new show, please send your picture detail information to Sally and John Makuch by submitting the form on the HAAA website under HAAA events.

HAAA will co-host the December 3rd Hershey Partnership monthly meeting at the Historical Society. The Historical Society and Susquehanna Bank will be co-hosting the event with HAAA.  All members are welcome to display art for sale/display at this event. An email with details about set up time will be sent and will soon be found on the website. A great time to make your art visible to business leaders in the area.

Hershey Derry Township Historical Society has invited HAAA to participate in their annual Holiday Open House on Saturday, December 12. Art will be displayed throughout the building and will be viewed by the large crowds that always attend this event. Details to follow in email and website.

Take the time to enjoy the last bits of warm weather during November and remember to say "thank you" to everyone that inspires your life.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association

The Prez Sez for October 2015............PEP!

Promote, Encourage, and Perpetuate the Fine Arts and Fine Arts Education in the Region.

With PEP, you can remember the mission statement of Hershey Area Art Association!

Pep is defined as brisk energy or liveliness. That is the feeling you get when you get involved with HAAA. You can feel the energy and liveliness for art from the members.

HAAA is celebrating the 20th year as an art association and is counting on our many talented members to step forward and volunteer to help carry the group forward as the next decade for HAAA begins in 2016. HAAA will be starting the process of forming a slate of candidates for the Board of Directors and Officers in the next few months, Consider sharing your talent.

Please join us at the HAAA general meeting on Tuesday, October 13, 2015, 7 pm, at the Hershey Derry Historical Society Building for the monthly meeting. Talented and award winning HAAA member, Aron Johnston, will be presenting a program of simplifying the complex form of the human body into basic shapes and making the process a less intimidating task.

With much excitement, HAAA is preparing for "Under the Colors Art Show and Sale" to be held on Friday, October 16, 1 pm to 7 pm, and Saturday, October 17, 9 am to 7 pm. Join HAAA for a Reception on Friday, October 16, 5 to 7 pm. Bring your friends to share in this event.

On Tuesday, October 27, HAAA will be hosting "HAAA Hats for Hope" at the Hope Lodge, a facility offering a "home away from home" for out-patient cancer treatment patients. With a meal prepared by HAAA volunteers and hats painted by HAAA members, the patients truly appreciate the many talents of HAAA artists during a very stressful time. Thanks to all the volunteers for making this activity possible for the past 2 years. October 2013 was the first event for HAAA. Keep painting those hats!

Don't miss the "20th Themed Art Show" taking place at the Hershey Public Library till November 14, 2015. HAAA members' creativity for representing the number 20 is surprising and unique. There is a new feature artist for October and you do not want to miss that exhibit.

"Shine a Light on Art," HAAA's 20th anniversary community project, is looking bright! The goal of the project is to install track lighting in the Hershey Public Library Hallway where HAAA currently hangs art. If you missed the presentation at the HAAA meeting in September, you may visit the HAAA website and read about the details of the project. HAAA members have been very generous with donations to date. Donations will be collected through November. Donation forms may be found on the HAAA website. Together we can reach our goal.

Next week, two new art classes will be beginning. It is not too late to register so check out the classes and sign up now. HAAA instructors will make a much daunting task of painting a masterpiece a reality for you through their guidance.

Donations of art for Hershey Fire Co silent auction may be dropped off at the Hershey Fire Company by tomorrow, Oct. 2.

Historical Society silent auction donations will be accepted at the HAAA meeting on October 13.

Finally, a new HAAA member recently drew my attention to the fact that HAAA spelled backward is .....AAAH. How great is that! The AAAH sound denotes happiness and pleasure! What a pleasure it is to belong to Hershey Area Art Association. All of the friendships, talent, activities and programs that HAAA makes available to members can make you sigh and say "AAAH"

Sincerely with PEP!

Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association


The Prez Sez for September 2015. . . . .

It's Showtime!

As you were enjoying your summer and traveling to all your favorite vacation spots or just enjoying the beautiful PA scenery this summer, I hope you were working on your "20th Themed Art Project" in your spare time because.... Ladies and Gentlemen..... It's Showtime!   On Tuesday, September 8, 7 pm there will be much excitement in the air with members eager to present all the creative art projects to represent the number 20 project.

Another thrilling reveal on that night will be "Shine a Light on Art" details for HAAA's 20th Anniversary community focused project. HAAA will brighten up the art gallery hallway in the Hershey Public Library with this project. Don't miss the details!

On Saturday, September 12, HAAA members will deliver art projects for the "20th Themed Art Project" show at the library.  The 20th Themed Art Show Reception will take place at the library on Sunday, September 13 from 2 to 4 pm. Invite your family and friends to attend this special event hosted by HAAA. Lots of past memories will be shared through pictures, stories and memorabilia from HAAA's past 20 years. Lillian Brown, wife of Bob Brown, will be attending and will relay stories about her husband.  Bob Brown was the person that  inspired others to bring his idea of an art association in the area to fruition.

A big event coming up for HAAA is the new art show "Under the Colors" Art Show and Sale on October 16 and 17 at the Historical Society building. Details will be given at the HAAA meeting and on the HAAA website.

The last art show for 2015 at the Cocoa Beanery, "2nd Thursday HAAA Art at the Cocoa Beanery", will happen on Thursday, September 10 from 2:30 pm to 7 pm. Stop by to check out the talented HAAA artist that will be displaying artwork and bring your friends.

Art classes fill the calendar for September and October. On the website you will see all the fun filled classes that are planned. You never know, a different medium or style for you might be just the thing you need to be inspired. It could turn out to be your favorite. Sometimes change is good!

HAAA will be venturing down to The Millworks in Harrisburg on Saturday, October 3, to view a painting demo by longtime HAAA member, Linda Benton-McCloskey. The event will take place during the afternoon and details will follow at the meeting and on the website. You will need to sign up for this event.

HAAA Hats for Hope took place in July with lots of delicious food and beautifully painted hats delivered to patients and caregivers at Hope Lodge. Keep painting those hats because the inventory is getting depleted. Wish everyone could see the faces of the patients when they see the hats.....they are thankful that someone took the time to bring a smile to their life and HAAA did it through ART. The next event will be scheduled soon......check the website.

As summer months end, it is time to thank everyone that participated in all the great events HAAA coordinated over the summer. You did an outstanding job and a big thank you to everyone that lent a hand in any way. Our membership list is starting to bust at the seams and that is because of members like you helping to keep HAAA a great organization in the community.

Have a Happy Labor Day!


Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association


The Prez Sez for August 2015.....20/20!

What does the second 20 mean in the title "20/20?"

The first 20 represents the number of years that HAAA has been an association. It was March of 1995 that HAAA held the first meeting at the Hershey Public Library.

The first HAAA art exhibition at the Hershey Public Library was held one year later, in April 1996. The library art show is HAAA's longest running art show and on April 2016, it will be in existence for 20 years and that is what the second 20 represents.

Both events are special milestones for HAAA and definitely a reason to CELEBRATE and be PROUD of HAAA! Thanks to all the HAAA members that help to organize and participate in the events and art shows. Our great members are the reason for this accomplishment.

HAAA is planning a community project to celebrate these milestones. You will be receiving a postcard announcing the name of the project.  Attend the HAAA meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 7:00 pm, at the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society building where more details about the project will be available.

The September 8 HAAA meeting will focus on the number 20. Bring your "20th Themed Art" project to the meeting and you will see how many ways our members have chosen to represent the number. All of your ideas and projects will surely inspire others to help promote art.

Take some time to visit the HAAA website and read the new article "Photographing your Artwork" on the "Aha...Art News" page under the "Art Matters" tab. After reading this article feel free to fill out the form on the page and submit your ideas to help others with photographing their artwork.

There are several art shows happening in August.

"Second Thursday's HAAA Art at the Cocoa Beanery" will take place on August 13. Artists are still needed for this show. Find information for signup on the website. Art has been sold at the last several shows so there are interested art shoppers attending the shows at the Cocoa Beanery.

"Blooming Art" will be happening on August 22 and 23 at the Hershey Gardens in the education building. This is a great opportunity to hang your art in a garden atmosphere.

"MJ's Cafe" in Annville is hosting an ongoing art show by the HAAA Board of Directors. Stop by to view the show.

Looking past August, the next Hershey Library Art Show will begin September 12. The theme for the show will be "20th Themed Art". Check the website for more information and sign up for the art tags.

There are new art classes starting in September. Attending these classes will help you focus on creating art and tune out all those everyday obligations you find hard to ignore. Find all the information about the classes on the HAAA website art class page.

Keep painting those hats for "HAAA Hats for Hope." The last event was held on July 14 and was a welcomed event by all the patients at the facility. They enjoyed the painted hats and found lots to smile about when they chose one. Through your artwork on the hats, individuals are able to smile during a stressful time while enjoying the delicious meal prepared by our members.

Enjoy the month of August and stay cool.


Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association

The Prez Sez for July 2015......"20/20!"

What does 20/20 mean?

It could be the measurement to express normal visual acuity.

It could be the ABC's network prime time news magazine program, 20/20.

It means something different for HAAA and those numbers are special for HAAA. Okay, you guessed it.....the first 20 represents the number of years HAAA is celebrating as an organization. Now the second 20....you will have to wait till the August Prez Sez letter comes out to find out what that means for HAAA.

While you are thinking about that 20....don't forget to be working on that 20th Anniversary art project. Your projects will be revealed at the 

September 8 HAAA general meeting, 7 pm, at the Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society Building. This will be the first general meeting after the 3 month summer break and it will be an exciting meeting where you will find out how many creative ways members will document the 20 in their project.

What.....you can't get the inspiration to work on any art over the summer? Have you tried to fill your creative gas tank by exposing yourself to something that can help you do that? Take an art class, go to an art exhibit or museum, buy some new art supplies, or meet friends just to talk about art. It is amazing how you can get inspiration from so many places around you. You don't have to travel anywhere to do that. Please log onto the Home Page of the HAAA website and find the tab "Spark of Inspiration".  Submit your answer to inspire other artists.

HAAA Hats for Hope will take place on Tuesday, July 14, at the Hope Lodge in Hershey. Many thanks to everyone that volunteered to participate for the "Summer Barbecue" at the residence by painting hats or providing food for the meal that will be served. Your participation is always appreciated by the patients and caregivers and it gives some colorful needed distraction for the individuals residing there at the time.

A July art class will be held next week. Watercolor with Deb Watson will take place July 7 and 8. Check out the other art classes that will be held in the fall on the HAAA website.

HAAA has four art shows happening either this month or in August. The Hershey Public Library art show continues and a new feature artist will hang artwork in July. All artists' names participating in this show may be found on the website. For the months of July and August, the HAAA Board of Directors will be displaying their art at MJ's Coffeehouse in Annville. The first art show that HAAA will be hanging at the Hershey Gardens in the Educational Building will be Blooming Art on August 22 and 23. Volunteers and signup will be happening in the near future for this show. Consider participating for an eventful show. Second Thursday's HAAA Art at the Cocoa Beanery is scheduled to take place on July 9 and August 13. If you would like to participate, the contact information can be found on the website on the "HAAA Events" page.

Have a safe and happy July 4th celebration by enjoying some colorful fireworks!!


Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association


The Prez Sez for June 2015!

A reminder that the next HAAA meeting will be September 8, 2015. HAAA does not have regular monthly meetings in June, July, and August at the Historical Society.

Even though HAAA does not have regular meetings, you are not off the hook for the summer.

There is so much to learn and try over the summer months and HAAA will help you.   Art classes, shows and other events will inspire you and hopefully you will create some art.  No excuses!   Summer months can be rewarding with creative art experiences!

If you take advantage of your time over the summer to create art, you will be ready for the first HAAA meeting on Tuesday, September 8, 2015, where the 20th Anniversary art projects will be presented.   You have lots of time to complete a unique piece of art.

Art classes will inspire you and several are offered over the summer months.  The schedule may be found on the HAAA website.

Meet artist friends on Saturday, June 13, at Old Annville Day on the Main Street of Annville. It will be a fun day to display and sell your art along with helping to promote HAAA to people that visit the HAAA display.  Email me if you are planning to participate in the event:  [email protected] or submit the registration form on the HAAA website under the Old Annville Day event.  Deadline to sign up is June 8.  It is lots of fun and plenty of great food eat at the event.

Several indoor HAAA art shows will be held in the coming months, Hershey Library Art ShowSecond Thursday HAAA Art at the Cocoa Beanery, MJ's Coffeehouse and Bloomin Art Show.

The Hershey Library Art Show has 12 HAAA members showing art and a new feature artist for June.  The 2015 HAAA Scholarship recipient, Naomi Pena, has artwork on display.

Second Thursday's HAAA Art at the Cocoa Beanery will begin a new year on Thursday, June 11.

Check the HAAA website for the feature artist for the first month of the 2015 season.  Lots to do and see on that day at the Beanery.  If you would like to participate for future shows, email Cathy Griffith at [email protected]

MJ's Coffeehouse in Annville will host an art show featuring the members of the HAAA Board of Directors for the months of July and August.

Bloomin Art Show will take place on August 22 and 23, 2015, at Hershey Gardens in the Educational Center in the Children's Garden.   Sign up for this show by contacting Cindy Ankney at [email protected]  Art will be on display and for sale.

HAAA Hats for Hope will be held on Tuesday, July 14, 2015.  This event will feature painted hats and a summer cookout.  If you would like to volunteer and have not already signed up, email Emme Daley at [email protected]

Thank you to everyone that has made purchases of art supplies through the links on the HAAA website.  Last month HAAA received a check for $156.22 for purchases made from Dick Blick. 

Stay tuned for other art adventures that are being planned for the summer months.

Think creatively and have fun this summer!

Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association


The Prez Sez for May 2015!

Wow.....what a great time of year to go outdoors!

HAAA ventured outdoors for the first time in 2015 by participating in Hershey Gardens Gardenfest this past weekend. What a perfect day! The trees, spring flowers, art and art activity at the Hershey Gardens could not have been more perfect. The sights, sounds and all the smells of springtime were there. HAAA set a new record for time to setup and teardown the display. Kudos to everyone that participated by displaying art, plein aire painting, and helping with the children's activity. Great job!

For the month of May, HAAA will also find more exciting activities outdoors. A Plein Air art class will be held at the Hershey Gardens on Saturday, May 2. The first "Art on Chocolate" art show, hosted by the Hershey-Derry Historical Society and the Downtown Association, will take place on Saturday, May 16 on the streets of downtown Hershey. This event will be an inviting fun day for the Hershey Community.

On Saturday, June 13, HAAA will be participating in Old Annville Day on the Main Street of Annville. It will be a fun day to display and sell your art along with promoting the association to those that visit the HAAA display.

Two indoor HAAA art shows will be held in the coming months, Hershey Library Art Show and Second Thursday HAAA Art at the Cocoa Beanery. The Hershey Library Art Show has a new feature artist this month and the rotation of art will take place on Saturday, May 9. Second Thursday's HAAA Art at the Cocoa Beanery will begin a new year on Thursday, June 11.

All the entries to the Art Show at Penn State Medical Center through Center Stage were submitted. When the art is hung and ready to be viewed, all HAAA members will be notified. An artist reception will be held so don't forget to mark your calendar to attend the reception to support fellow artists. Details will follow when they are available.

Art Classes are planned for the summer months. Plan to treat yourself by participating in an inspiring art class.

On Tuesday, May 12, HAAA will be awarding the 2015 Art Scholarship at the General meeting. Don't miss the art of the talented recipient, Naomi Pena, a senior at Palmyra High School. The general meeting continues with students from Annville Cleona High School presenting art from the past school year. The talented young artists from the local school will be inspiring.

Get ready for HAAA's September meeting by completing your 20th themed art project this summer to celebrate HAAA's 20th anniversary. Get to work....think creatively and have fun! Details can be found under HAAA Events on the website.

The Board of Directors meeting minutes will be posted on the HAAA website on the Home page of the "About Us" tab. The past month's meeting minutes will be posted there and any minutes from other months will be available to membership by contacting the HAAA Secretary.

HAAA will be updating the 2015 membership list this week. If you have not renewed, it is not too late. HAAA can only achieve its goals with the help of members like you. Your membership is an important part of our association.

"Don't Let Go" of Your Membership!

Most sincerely,

Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association

The Prez Sez for April 2015, "20 for 20"!

In April of 1995, at the second meeting of Hershey Area Art Association, HAAA voted to set the annual individual membership dues at $20. Wow!! The membership dues for Individual Memberships are $20 today, 20 years later. What a Deal! How many other memberships have remained the same for 20 years!

Since that time, new levels of memberships were added and now there are four levels of membership for HAAA: Individual, Family, Student, and Business.

If your membership dues are not current, "DON"T LET GO!" of your membership to a great art association that Promotes, Encourages, and Perpetuates the fine arts and fine arts education in the region. Your membership is a valuable asset and we are counting on everyone. Go to HAAA website for application and details for renewal.

Don't forget to read the new article "Writing Your Artists Statement/Bio" under the "Art Matters" page of the HAAA website. The article was written by HAAA member, MB Barrett. Our program for the April meeting on Tuesday, April 14, will feature MB Barrett and you will hear all about her "Wild Ride With Art." You will definitely feel like you have been with her for the ride after her presentation. Don't Miss!

The 2015 HAAA Scholarship recipient selection meeting will be held at 9:30 am on Wednesday, April 15, at the Hershey Public Library. Any HAAA member in good standing may participate in the selection process of scholarship recipient. The only requirement is to sign up before the selection day, April 15. You may email me at [email protected] to register or you may sign up at the HAAA meeting on April 14.

The Hershey Library is displaying artwork by 11 HAAA artists including the April feature artist. Stop by and enjoy this new art exhibit.

Hershey Gardens will be hosting Hershey Gardenfest Community Day on Sunday, April 26. Admission to the Gardens is free for the day and HAAA will be displaying/selling art and hosting a children's activity at the event. Artists are needed to display and help with set-up and tear down. Contact Marcia Leister at [email protected] if you would like to participate.

Art on Chocolate is a new art show that the Hershey-Derry Historical Society and the Downtown Hershey Association are organizing and planning for May 16, 2015. HAAA is in the process of making decisions about HAAA's display for that event. It will be a fun day and a great opportunity for our artists to display/sell art to the large crowd that is anticipated for the day. If you would like to participate, contact Connie Davis at [email protected]

Other art shows that are upcoming in a few months are Center Stage, 2nd Thursday's HAAA Art at the Cocoa Beanery, and Old Annville Day in June. Don't forget to be thinking about these shows where you will have the opportunity to show/sell your art.

Art classes are ongoing and new classes are being added regularly. HAAA has many new art classes at the Historical Society Building and at the Hershey Gardens. Give yourself a treat and schedule an art class. A new experience can re-energize your work.

Movie Night and HAAA Hats for Hope took place last month and each was a big success. Our members and volunteers are very generous in planning and organizing these art inspired events for the enjoyment of others.

Sometime before the HAAA meeting on April 14, take a few minutes to look at the HAAA website. You will find a new tab. No clues about the name on the tab. If you are able to answer a question about the new page, you could win a doorprize at the HAAA meeting on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. 

Remember, no clues for you......The answer will be simple and we will know if your found the page..

Happy Artful Spring!

Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association


The Prez Sez for March 2015!

March 2015 marks the 20th year that HAAA has been in existence!

On Monday, March 20, 1995, the very first General Meeting of the Hershey Area Art Association took place at the Hershey Library. The attendance at the meeting was 15. A membership list was established which listed 26 members. The name of the association, Hershey Area Art Association, was adopted that evening.

Communication was a problem for the founding members. No internet service was available back then. The group quickly decided that a newsletter would help solve the problem. Member, Karen Sheipline, agreed to establish a newsletter and thereby providing the glue that was needed to help the association stick together. The first edition of the "Aha.....ART" newsletter was published on December 6, 1995, and was a lifeline for communication at the time.

Twenty years later, HAAA continues to be successful because of the many dedicated members and volunteers who give their time and talent to the association.

The ABC's of Framing will be the topic of the program on Tuesday, March 10, 7:00 pm at the Historical Society. HAAA member, Darlene Ferrier, will discuss various methods for framing oil and watercolor paintings.

On March 24, 2015, HAAA will be hosting "Hats for Hope" at the Hope Lodge where a dinner and painted hats will be given to residents. If you would like to be a part of this project, please check website and email contacts. It is an opportunity to reach patients with a bit of art, food and conversation for comfort.

HAAA's second Movie Night will be held at the Annville Public Library on Thursday, March 26, at 6:30. The movie, "Tim's Vermeer", is a documentary film about inventor Tim Jenison's explanation of his theory that Vermeer painted with the help of optical devices.

Discover all the new Art Class opportunities by checking on the website for art classes. Classes are continually changing. Hopefully you will find a class that will challenge and inspire your interest in art this winter or spring.

Hershey Library Art Show is scheduled to rotate art on March 14. There will be a new Feature Artist for March. Don't forget to visit and support the artists.

HAAA's new partnership with Center Stage, an arts in healthcare program, at the Hershey Medical Center, is now being organized to accept art for HAAA's first show. All HAAA members are eligible to submit art for consideration to hang in the show. Dates are critical for possible selection. You may find out all the details on the website under HAAA Events. Further questions may be forwarded to Cindy Ankney at [email protected]

Hershey Gardenfest will take place on Sunday, April 26, from 9 am to 2 pm. It is an annual free community day at the Hershey Gardens. HAAA will be participating and further details about the event will be found on our website soon. Invite all your friends to come and enjoy the Garden for the day along with all the community groups that will be there with displays and activities.

"Art on Chocolate" is an event being planned by Hershey-Derry Township Historical Society and the Downtown Hershey Association to take place in downtown Hershey on Saturday, May 16. More details about the event will be forwarded to HAAA members when they are available.

If you have not paid your 2015 Membership dues, they may be paid at the March HAAA meeting or you may mail yearly dues to Hershey Area Art Association, PO Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033. Individual Membership dues are $20.00 and Family Memberships are $30.00. Make checks payable to Hershey Area Art Association. Please help our membership chair, Sue Myers, by having all dues paid by March 31, 2015.

Just as twenty years ago, the mission statement remains the same today.......

"To Promote, Encourage, and Perpetuate the Fine Arts and Fine Arts Education in the Region."


Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association

The Prez Sez for February 2015!

Hello HAAA Members,


This month's letter is coming from your Vice-President while our President Ev Schnader is enjoying a much deserved break in the Florida warmth and sunshine.


Of course, we all deserve a little break, and we can get some warm inspiration and enjoy a bright opportunity by joining together with fellow HAAA members on Feb 10th at our next membership meeting.  There is a lot going on and attending our meeting is a great way to get updated.


Jonathon Frazier's artwork frequently incorporates warm colors in his landscapes;  Jonathon states "I find my voice in vibrant colors".  His "real time" oil painting demonstration on Feb 10th will be a great opportunity to see his painting process.


Also, at the meeting there will be updates about HAAA's art classes starting in February.  Check our website for times.  We are fortunate to have enormous talent within our membership and appreciate those artists who are offering classes, such as Paulette Flemmens, Christine Goldbeck, Deb Reitbauer and Betsy Stutzman.


HAAA is currently working on more exhibits in the coming year. Since this is HAAA's 20th Anniversary, plans for an anniversary exhibit are underway.  

In addition, the Downtown Hershey Assôciation recently announced that "Plans are in the works for an art show in the spring....."  HAAA is pleased to be participating in the planning for this show and will keep you updated on when, where, and how.


Looking forward to seeing you soon at a HAAA event!


Susan Kelly-Dreiss
Hershey Area Art Association

Happy New Year! Peace and Joy to everyone in 2015!


If you are feeling like the winter season is long and it is hard to find inspiration in art, make a promise to yourself to complete several art compositions by spring. Winter will buzz by in a flash!


Our December 2014 Holiday Party was a great success thanks to the planning and work of Maria Gronlund and Ellen Gewen. The decorations were festive and the photo booth provided many entertaining pictures which you may pick up at the January meeting. Thank you to George and Deb Reitbauer for the entertaining video picture show of the past year. Enjoyed by everyone.


The HAAA January meeting, Tuesday, January 13, 2015, 7 pm, will be a very important meeting with the election for new members to the Board of Directors and the presentation of the annual report outlining HAAA's past year. Please put it on your calendar and plan to attend.


The program for the evening will be "Masterpiece Night" where HAAA members share their art with fellow artists. This is always a favorite program. Make sure you come prepared to share your art.


If you are lucky, you could win a door prize at the January meeting by writing down the name of the person that is quoted as saying:


“You can only become truly accomplished at something you love. Don’t make money your goal. Instead pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you.”


The answer can be found on the HAAA website on the Art Matters page. Good luck!


Membership numbers and events have increased this past year. Plan ahead for 2015 and take advantage of the many ongoing activities that HAAA has to offer. Art Classes will begin again in February so keep checking the website for new classes that will be held.


2015 Membership dues will be collected at the January HAAA meeting or you may mail dues to Hershey Area Art Association, P O Box 654, Hershey, PA 17033. Applications are found on the HAAA website. Individual Membership dues are $20.00 and Family Memberships are $30.00. Make checks payable to Hershey Area Art Association.


The 2015 HAAA Scholarship application period begins on January 13 and ends March 31, 2015. This will be HAAA's seventh scholarship awarded. Details and the application are available on the HAAA website.


The Hershey Library Hallway Art show will be changing on January 3. If you have not participated in this show in 2014, consider participating sometime in 2015.


HAAA will be celebrating its 20th year anniversary in 2015. The very first HAAA meeting took place on March 20, 1995, at the Hershey Public Library with 15 individuals in attendance. Many special events will be planned to celebrate this milestone during the year. If you are interested in helping to organize and plan activities, please contact a Board Member.




Ev Schnader


Hershey Area Art Association